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One of my all time favorite pics looking at old photo albums for style inspiration! #grandpa #lilbro ironically my lil bro is now ab the same height as grandpa he was ab 6’7 lil bro is ab 6’4 now #cool guys #style #fedora #og lol
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Kind of siked my nieces are coming through and the homies are rolling by for chill mode I feel special lol 😬
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You’re the one I love the best! Won’t you come over for a selfie fest!
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👀 some shit always want to be poppin off out of nowhere damn Craig oh well business still has to get handled treat it like its nothing cuz at the end of the day it really is we don’t stop existing just because something is out of our control we keep moving and getting better look at you look at you and look at you! You already came so far and even if it ain’t where you want to be keep heading there til u r where I want to be! #peace #meditation #prayers#goodmorning #upsince5 #thankstosomeonemessagingmeintheam #notgoingtosayanynamesthough #goodday #happy #lovelife
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Me after I kill you and steal yo bitch and yo money
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